Holidays with zen master Niklaus Brantschen

Together with Masters

Holidays with zen master Niklaus Brantschen

Posticum 2018 august 28. – sept 2.
Oradea, Romania

True RELAXATION starts when we get to completely leave behind our work, our everyday activities. If you don’t know how to REST, how to do nothing, you will not be capable of a proper meditation practice or to efficiently work either.

In our achievement-oriented and overstressed world the Posticum Centre  is inviting us to a different kind of retreat at the end of the summer: HOLIDAYS with Niklaus Brantschen, jesuit father and zen master, who this time will not put emphasis on teaching us how to meditate but on how to REST, PLAY and RECHARGE ourselves. We’ll reverse the order: we will start with the relaxation and not with the meditation.

Escursion and swimming, morning qi-gong and jogging, sightseeing and concert, family programmes and freeflow discussions, group mealtimes, teatimes and some wine, movies and boardgames – AND meditation.

We will have the chance to take a CLOSE LOOK into the master’s mind and way of life and thus we might get a deeper experience and understanding of how it is when spirituality and meditation infuses & changes our everyday lives. We will re-learn to JUST BE, for the sake of being – together with the master.

Niklaus Brantschen
“The one who hangs on to his spiritual experiences and wants to preserve them, will destroy them and obstruct his way to the new ones.” Niklaus Brantschen

Niklaus Brantschen is a Jesuit monk and zen master living in the Lassalle House in Switzerland where he’s leading zen meditation retreats and seminars for entrepreneurs. He is building a bridge between Christianity and Zen Buddhism, between the spirituality of East and West, and strongly believes in the interfaith dialogue. He’s been visiting Romania and Hungary since 2015 at the invitation of the Posticum Center in Oradea.

Niklaus Brantschen received the teaching authorization and the name Go-Un-Ken from Yamada Roshi in 1988. In 1999, he was appointed Zen Master by Glassman Roshi and since then has been wearing the additional Dharma name Jin-Shu.

Niklaus Brantschen Posticum Oradea
“A man is not what he does; he is not what he has; he is not what he is – he is what he loves.” Niklaus Brantschen

If your spouse or partner is new to the world of meditation or you’d like your kids to have an experience of being in the aura of a genuine master in REAL LIFELIKE SITUATIONS, this camp will be the perfect opportunity for you to take that first step.

We invite families, couples and singles alike. Expect a multilanguaged and colorful camp community.

This camp is the first of a programme-series called TOGETHER WITH MASTERS designed by and in the Posticum Zentrum, Oradea.


Full board: 110 RON/person/day.
Without accomodation (only meals): lunch: 23 RON, dinner: 17 RON.
Our prices have 40 % discount so that bigger families can also attend the programme.

Register now! Welcome!

Programme Leaders:

Nemes István

Rencsik Imre
+40 259 431 398
+40 744 504 051


Posticum Nagyvarad Oradea
“It’s better to find our own questions and wait for their answers than to find the answers for the questions that are not ours at all.” Niklaus Brantschen

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